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  • 30-03-2016
TryLikes BNW

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Feedback at the right time and place with TryLikes. Long surveys, boring questionnaires and lots of emailing to get even the simplest feedback from your users, yet never asked at the moment it really matters. The TryLikes device helps out, asking for feedback with nothing more than a thumbs up or thumbs down.

How does it work? You make up a, or a number of, simple questions and place the TryLikes tablet in the exact place of your building where this specific question matters. For example: “Are the toilets clean?” is placed near the toilets. Via an online dashboard you monitor the results in real-time: the number of votes, the sentiment and the time people voted. This way you’ll know not only what people think about your cleaning services, you’ll also know at what exact time it may need some brushing up!

TryLikes_SoB_WTC4_2            TryLikes-dashboard copy

With SoBuildings we introduced TryLikes at the WTC Almere and now control the system for this building; it worked out to be a very valuable feedback tool. Within only one month we gathered 3084 votes on 5 different questions and we have now set up a second round.

It’s a simple and amusing way to interact with your users, an easy way to plug into their experience and a good way show you want to improve.

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