MOMA&CO – Love is all.

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  • 29-02-2016

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Love is all at MOMA&CO. A lovely work spot in the slightly more rough area of Bos en Lommer, or rather BoLo. You feel it right away, as you enter the building: a lot of love went into making this a welcoming place.

MOMA&CO keeps real stories under its roof because people feel at home here. There’s collaborations happening between tenants – mostly creatives – without any push. Nearly all the office spaces, on the two floors of this cozy location, were taken within a month – the last one is now under option.

So what’s their secret? No secrets! You can ask the owners Monique and Marjolein anything. They know everyone working in their building – and their stories – by heart. And the door is always open; no distance between them and the tenants.

There may be no offices available right now (to be sure, check) but you can still get a flex work spot, starting from one day a week (€50,-). They are – literally – housed in the basement, connected to café Wilde Westen* serving you good coffee and food. Of course you can also rent one of their 4 event spaces, housed in the basement as well, if you want to drop by with a larger troop.

(*by the owners of restaurant Tolhuistuin, bar Brandstof and café Struik.)

Want to enjoy MOMA&CO for one day? As long as it’s not too crowded, you can buy a day-pass for €12,50 at the bar of Wilde Westen. A real membership to a flex work spot has more benefits though, like coffee, events and a growing community.

Best features 
 The collaboration with cafe Wilde Westen, keeping this work space lively all day and long after working hours. Plus you can grab a pizza if you need to work late hours.
Two lovely hosts, Monique and Marjolein.
 A handsome and stimulating work place.

There is no place to store your belongings yet, like lockers. MoMa is still looking for the right solution. On the other hand it’s not much needed here.

The basics
  09:00 – Midnight (as long as cafe Wilde Westen is open)
 card only!
Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1, 1055 AA Amsterdam 

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