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  • 08-02-2016
Bringme 2 minute read.

No signing for packages with Bringme. It’s a nice solution for the delivery and shipment of your tenant’s incoming mail and parcels.  And no one gets to see whatever – or how much – it is one orders online. No reception needed to do all the handling or signing for important incoming items.

But: it’s not a mailbox. It’s a Bringme Box.

A what? The Bringme Box is like a (pretty) locker: everyone in your building can use it, as long as they have a key. With bringme, your key is digital and on your smartphone.

How does is work? Download the app and order stuff online, putting “Bringme” in front of your name when you’re filling in your shipping details. The courier places your order into a fitting bringme box, and you’ll get an alert on your phone as soon as it has arrived. Your digital key opens up your box, or you transfer a special code for others to pick up your order.
To send things, or return the orders, you place it in an empty box, collect the unique code for it and make sure your collector (via the app or sms) gets that code. You’ll receive an alert when it has been collected. Get it?


What’s the fun part? Apart from being pretty, securing privacy and not needing reception services to collect and distribute stuff, the bringme box allows for more fun engagements. Any user can store a package for anyone, from inside or outside the building, or for other tenants or colleagues to pick up. Also allowing them to come and get it whenever suits them best.

So this is cool, for office concepts who want to service their tenants, but also for flex workers not paying for mailbox- or reception services. And since we buy more and more online, it’s kind of a fancy solution to storing all your tenants’ orders.

Now what if my tenant orders a 152 inch 3D plasma screen? So we wouldn’t want this to go into a bringme box, right? We would want to help carry it up to the office and then become best friends with this tenant.

Only one thing… Someone has to pay for the box, and Bringme’s beautifully designed boxes don’t come cheap. Well, decide for yourself: have a go at their swell online configurator and design your own box!

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