“All these people on the planet,
working  9 to 5  just to stay alive,
the  9 to 5  just to stay alive,
how come?” Beyonce, Haunted

Investigating work dynamics

The seperation between work life and private life is dissolving: it’s all living. Our demands for how we (want to) work are changing.

There’s not much new anymore, about the term “the new way of working”,
yet it has only just begun.

O brave new work.

Hi, I’m Celinha Heinrichs. I’m on an ongoing quest to understand how work works. I try to often share my experiences and report on my findings via social media, and sometimes I blog. What is work all about? And how can we improve our work environment and the way we work?

To me, work is all about people and the effort of bringing change – however big or small – to our (work-)lives, to make it better or even just more fun.

A greater world also does starts in our work place, and what all individuals or communities can establish within this environment.

So let’s find out then, what it is: how work works.


You only work once.